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Esma`s Secret

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A woman and her daughter struggle to make their way through the aftermath of the Balkan war.

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Single mother Esma lives with her twelve-year-old daughter Sara in Sarajevo’s Grbavica neighbourhood, after life is still being reconstructed from 1990’s Yugoslav wars.

Unable to make ends meet with the meagre government aid she receives, Esma takes a job as a cocktail waitress in a nightclub. Working all night is difficult for Esma and forces her to reluctantly spend less time with her daughter.

Still haunted by the past, Esma attends group therapy at the local women’s centre. In addition to relying on her best friend Sabina, Esma also finds a kindred spirit in Pelda, a compassionate male co-worker from the nightclub.

Feisty tomboy Sara begins to put soccer aside as she develops a close friendship with her classmate Samir. The two sensitive young teenagers feel a strong bond because both lost their fathers in the war. But Samir is surprised to hear Sara doesn’t know the details of her father’s noble death.

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