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    Popup Cinema in the Daily Telegraph

    Who needs cinemas anyway - The Daily Telegraph

    Back in 2011, we started the idea of popup screenings with a screening season for award winning documentary, A Small Act.

    It was organised by Lucy Devall, a trustee of the Cicely Foundation, a charity that supports Peace Matunda, a young persons’ project in Tanzania. “From what we made on ticket sales,” she says, “another class of 30 students can now continue their education.”

    The screening was an example of “pop-up cinema” being pioneered by Dogwoof. The company, which specialises in highly regarded documentaries about social issues (Black Gold, Burma VJ, Restrepo), recruits “ambassadors” (around 100 to date) for their films who will agree to screen them in their local communities – in village halls, libraries, art galleries or any venue with a public-event licence. So these screenings can “pop up” anywhere.


    Pop-up cinema relaunch

    As of 2017 Popup Cinema is a stand alone company.  

    We've made this move to be able to offer a wider selection of films. 

    You can still book all the great documentary films, we have specialised in. 

    you can now also ask us for Fiction, Oscar winners, LGBT, and classics.

    Contact Mark to find our  more.

    Pop-Up Cinema history

    Pop-up cinema was born 16 July 2012.

    One of the first film company to focus on pop-up screenings. we have organised screenings with The Times, The Guardian, Ken Loach and many many more.