Drowned City: A Story of Pirate Radio

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Drowned City: A Story of Pirate Radio (2018 Release Edition)

Directed by Faith Millin

Winner of the London Independent Film Festival - Best Film

Recent Press - Noisey (Vice)





How would groundbreaking artists and new music get discovered without the help of pirate radio? Ever heard of Grime? As our habits change and technology presents us with alternative sources of discovery, perhaps trends are shifting. But for a long time, pirate radio has been at the forefront of underground music and revolutionary music culture. This is the story of pirate radio in London today - featuring MC Supplier and Heartless Crew. This is what it takes to be heard.


Customer Reviews

Great Insight In To London Pirate Radio 

Great documentary about the highs & lows of being involved with pirate radio.
Nice to see some familiar faces from the scene!

Amazing insight into a largely unknown area of music and radio

Much needed documentary & amazing insight into the heart beat of underground dance music 

This captures a culture born from the natural desire to provide the people with what they want! By any means necessary. Shows you the charisma & charm of the selectors like Supplier & Heartless Crew but also the passion which it takes to make a pirate work. Great doc & a culture that really has shaped modern mainstream music.