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    Kevin Maher of The Times visits a Popup screening

    The Times popup screening with Kevin Maher.  April 9, 2011 A Small Act: the campaign film that brings cynics to tears An avowed cynic, Kevin Maher can’t stand campaigning films; so what happened when he hosted one at his son’s...

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    Popup Cinema in the Daily Telegraph

    Who needs cinemas anyway - The Daily Telegraph Back in 2011, we started the idea of popup screenings with a screening season for award winning documentary, A Small Act. It was organised by Lucy Devall, a trustee of the Cicely...

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    Pop-up cinema relaunch

    As of 2017 Popup Cinema is a stand alone company.   We've made this move to be able to offer a wider selection of films.  You can still book all the great documentary films, we have specialised in.  you can now...

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